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August 15th, 2020

The Shocking Truth About Modern Male Potency

“How Can Two Herbs, One Root And
18 Minutes Solve A Problem Blue Pills
And Chemical Injections Can’t?”
- Rick Cannon

When Viagra was launched in the States over 15 years ago, it completely revolutionized the sexual landscape. In a world where problems “getting it up” ruined all but the most committed relationships, the little blue pill promised a solution, a cure.

But something went wrong. 522 patients died while taking Viagra in the drug’s first year on the market. An additional 517 patients experienced heart attack or anginal chest pain when using the drug. Going even further down the rabbit hole… The FDA even concedes that most drug problems go unreported, with maybe 1 in 10 cases ever eventually getting the FDA’s attention.

And let’s admit it. When you have to take something in advance, it kills that uncertainty and excitement in a woman. Your lover needs to feel SUPER hot and SUPER wanted, in every way, she wants to feel like you’re a hungry BEAST and only SHE can fuel your desire.

Some Scientists Say That As A Species We’re
On The Verge Of Extinction.

In 1929, the average male produced 100 million sperm per milliliter of semen. In 1990, this dropped by 34% to 66 million. Today? The average male has just 5 million sperm per millilitre of semen. This is an overall decline of 95% in the US alone.

This shift in male fertility is very real, and it is terrifying. Men are tired in the middle of the day. Having trouble sleeping. It wasn’t always like this. This is a very serious health crisis in our society… and it’s getting worse by the day.

There are four major problem areas, that worsen as a man ages:

When men realize that the blue pill just won’t help… They turn to artifical injection or gel treatments like Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). Now, you may have considered HRT, but it’s hard to tell what information is marketing and what is fact.


  • Increased risk of stroke: The artifical T stimulates your kidneys to make epogen which increases red blood cell production. This can cause polycythemia, a condition caused by excess blood which causes it to thicken, forming blood clots and ulcers.
  • Increased estrogen levels: As the man’s body compensates for the sudden increase in artificial testosterone, it begins to convert much of it into estrogen. This is called “aromatization”. Man boobs, and other feminizing effects can occur. This happens because the man’s body is not naturally regulating testosterone production.
  • But one question many men have in particular is…

Does HRT Shut Down Natural
Testosterone Production?

It turns out 9 out of 10 doctors don’t examine the testicles when conducting an examination. Neither do they measure the size of the testicles. Can you imagine that?

But the first thing guys notice when going through HRT is that their balls start shrinking. Why?

Because the body reacts to the artificial testosterone by telling the systems involved in natural testosterone production to “go to sleep”… thinking the body already has enough.

As I looked deeper and deeper into this, feeling my libido drop, losing my manhood… feeling my very potency and masculinity being swept away from under my feet… it left me feeling very down, and it was a dark time in my life.

The Stress Was Almost Unbearable.

Until very recently, test-boosting products were unsafe (steroids and blue pills), unproven (tribulus), or too expensive for the average person to gain any natural potency boosting results.

So What’s Next?

Researchers in Boston and Singapore tipped me off to a so-called miracle herb found only in South East Asia, that had potency-boosting properties rivaling the power of steroids, but more stable, and without the terrible side-effects that ravage men who don’t know about it.

The Ultimate All-Natural Male Potency Booster?

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It’s One Heck Of A Weird Trick.

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The men who have tried it are reporting an incredible difference in the way they feel and say their lovers are now seeing them in a completely different way. Like it was the first time again. Most of the stories we get are pretty X-Rated.

Reports include cases of:

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